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Make $208 Dollars A Day Online

Product Summary:

Automatic Money Making Software That Will Make You $208 Dollars Per Day Online Or More. See Short Presentation.

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Profit Bank By Millionaire Society - 70% Frontend Commission!

Marketplace Description:

New - Recurring Billing Front End! Huge Conversions (5%+ In Tests). 24/7 Email And Phone Support To Make Sales Stick. Incredible Software Tool For Affiliates With Massive Value And High Epc.

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Vendor ID [Get Affiliate Link] msocietypb
Marketplace Rating
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 4 out of 5
Refund Rate
Product Price
Billing Type Recurring recurring commissions
Click to view History Gravity 5.84    -2.53
Click to view History Referred 95%
Click to view History Commission 70%
Click to view History Avg %/sale 69%
Click to view History Avg $/sale $147.14
Click to view History Initial $/sale $15.07
Click to view History Avg Rebill Total $132.08
Click to view History Avg %/rebill 50%
Activate Date Jan 19, 2011 (clickbank)
First Seen Jan 20, 2011
Category Rank Last Chng Mntm Histories
Graph 342 Records ebiz 46 342
Graph 175 Records ebiz.affiliate 7 175
26 258
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