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Family Survival Course

Product Summary:

Ex-Military's Custom Blueprints Guaranteed To Save Your Family During The Coming Long-Term Crisis… Without *EVER* Relying On Anyone Else (Not Even The Government!)

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Marketplace Description:

Best Survival System On Market For Every Possible Crisis! Certified Quality And Value For The Money! With An Impressive Conversion Rate, Well Over 60% Upsell Rate And 75% Commission You've Just Hit The Jackpot! Http://

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Vendor ID [Get Affiliate Link] familysu
Marketplace Rating
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 4 out of 5
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Billing Type One-time
Click to view History Gravity 17.29    1.67
Click to view History Referred 97%
Click to view History Commission 75%
Click to view History Avg %/sale 75%
Click to view History Avg $/sale $28.56
Click to view History Initial $/sale $28.56
Activate Date Jun 11, 2012 (clickbank)
First Seen Jun 19, 2012
Category Rank Last Chng Mntm Histories
Graph 142 Records selfhelp 70 142
Graph 58 Records selfhelp.survival 28 58
49 100
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Graph 12 Records selfhelp.general 1 12
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